As a result of long Research & Development activities by GÜNTAV, our new product with patent GÜNTAV becomes the center of attention in poultry housing industry.

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With this system it is much more easy to carry feed and save electrical energy in the poultry houses.

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GÜNTAV’s new product is a push feed mechanical system that helps to give the liquid medicine in equal amounts to each cubic meter and provides the animals to benefit from the medicine in preferred amounts.

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Güntav - News

» GÜNTAV has nothing to do with the company Güventav..

» Patent rights of Abant Feeders are reserved by GÜNTAV..

» Avoid the imitation of Abant Feeders..

» A First by the poultry house equipments..!! Poultry House Monitoring and Security Systems are for the first time in Turkey by GÜNTAV..

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